Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Biology pratical 4 waec 2013

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Your Favorites site is Here again to give You the Best in Upcoming WAEC, we would Like to Start with Biology Practical SPECIMEN Just to Let You know that we would Surely give You the best and This Would be Last WAEC You will Right by the Special grace of God and Our Little Support……
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Specimen A= stem of cassava plant/sugar cane or sweat potato.

SpecimenB=plantain/banana/pineaple sucker.

SpecimenC=runner of grass

specimenD=sayrogyra spirament in water

specimenE=lung of freshly killed goat

specimenF=freshly preserved toad

SpecimenG1=water leaf plant with freshly stem

specimenG2=water leaf plant with freshly skin(leaf in coffe solution for six hours)

SpecimenL=skin of goat or sheep or cow


SpecimenN=shell of a gaint africa snell


SpecimenP=tuber of irish potatoes

SpecimenQ=hibiscus(weag of hibiscus or bougainum)

specimenR=cassava cutton

specimenS=hind wing of a cockroach.

NOTE:-SPECIMEN H I J K IS Not for Nigeria Student.

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